Monday, 18 November 2013

Welcome Back

Well hello there non-existent readers. It seems in the past year I've been unable to tend to this blog. I've been away on a mission called "school and other life activities". 

I'm not too sure if I can actually sum up my past year but at the moment there's only one thing on my mind. This Christmas and upcoming birthday is going to be very lonely. So far I've gone about a month and a half without that sister I mentioned that I danced with, this time next week I'll be losing another sister until just before my birthday, and I'm to lose another sister in early December. Not to mention about 2/3 of my friends are travelling as well during those times. So, as you can imagine I'd prefer to have neither occasion altogether these times 'round.

Also in the past year I've done a lot of performing and sharing my music with others. In fact almost everyone in my grade knows me for my music. For a composition task in music class my teachers enjoyed it so much he decided to share it...with a lot of people...therefore leaving me to make a music video and showing the girls in my grade (don't know why just the girls, but at least it's not everyone). If you like I'll link my SoundCloud and YouTube if you want to listen.

You know, I'm a pretty crappy spy. Just sharing all this info with y'all. Whatever, this is a blog after all, right?

So I think I've made the decision that these upcoming holidays I'm just going to make minimal human interaction and just stay at home and catch up on sleep and play video games and watch movies. I might just hang out with my neighbour every day.

My neighbour(s) are really cool. I'd say their names, but that defeats the purpose of this. Anyway, it's a brother and sister who go to my school, except the sister graduated last week. I met her first, an then became really close with the brother. He's a year younger than me but it doesn't feel like it. They're pretty rad and funny dudes.

So, I'm just going to stop here now because everything other than this is pretty soppy and probably not good to share on the internet. Here are the links yo;
Original song w/ video:
YouTube Channel(s):

Stay cool,
Agent Fish
-The Mysterious Agent-

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